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TT-90HR2 Specifications
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Injection Unit
System 1 In-line screw
Injection stroke in 5.12
Screw diameter in 1.26 1.42 1.57
Nominal injection capacity in 6.3 8.1 9.9
Injection capacity (ps) oz 3.5 4.4 5.5
Injection rate High pressure in/sec 6.7 8.4 10.4
High velocity in/sec 7.4 9.3 11.5
Injection pressure High pressure psi 34,128 29,748 24,088
High velocity psi 33,886 26,776 21,686
Recovery rate (ps) oz/sec 0.5 0.6 0.7
Screw revolution rpm 10~320
Nozzle pressure force U.S.ton 6.3
Hopper capacity gal 10.6
Screw drive system 2   Hydraulic motor
Clamping Unit
Clamping system 1   Double toggle
Clamping force U.S.ton 90
Clamping stroke in 12.60
Min. mold height in 5.91
Max. mold height in 13.78
Tie bar clearance in   14.76 X 14.76
Die plate size in 21.26 X 20.67
Ejector force U.S.ton 4.5
Ejector stroke in 3.15
Mechanical stopper adjustable range in 1
Heater capacity kw 6.15
Pump motor kw/hp 18.5(25)
Mold height adjustor motor kw/hp 0.1(1/8)
Oil tank capacity gal 42.3
Machine dim. ( L x W x H ) in 148.1 X 41.0 X 73.0
Machine weight U.S.ton 4.2
  1. *mark figure varies depending on molding conditions.
  2. Figures in are optional.
  3. The applicable max. injection pressure and holding pressure will be restricted according to the material in the real molding operation.
  4. The figures for the max injection rate and the max. injection speed are calculated ones. The actual injection rate and injection speed will be restricted by pressure. Actual setting pressure may be restricted by molding conditions and cycle time.
  5. The figures are subject to change without any legal obligation on the part of the manufacture.
  6. A large-sized screw may not be applicable to some kinds of material.