CPM offers quality used injection molding equipment, auxiliary lines of dryers, loaders, temperature controlers along with custom manufactured Screws and Barrels. Central Plastic Machinery
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Toyo Metal & Machinery offers Special Machine and Process to meet your Demands
« Multi-Component Multi-Component
Toyo offers multi-component machines using the standard "Si II" series or "H" series injection molding machine as the base machine, with the second injection unit (electric) servo mounted horizontal to parting line non-operator side of press. Machines can be supplied with or without rotating platen.

« MuCell® Microcellular Foam Process  
MuCell Microcellular Foam ProcessToyo has licensing agreement to supply "Si II" series electric injection molding machines utilizing Trexel's propriety MuCell™ microcellular foam processing technology. Using inexpensive, environmentally friendly supercritical fluid (SCFs) of atmospheric gases CO2 or N2 as blowing agents, the MuCell process produces evenly distributed and uniformly sized microscopic cells (5-50 microns in diameter). MuCell process can reduce material usage (5 to 30%), clamp tonnage (up to 40%), reduce or eliminate stress and warping, as well as sink marks and will as reduce or eliminate hold time resulting in faster cycles and sizable cost savings.

« LIM Liquid Injection Molding Liquid Injection Molding
Liquid injection molding is a thermoset process using two-part silicone rubber material that is injected into a heated mold. The material is dispensed from a pressurized pumping unit controlled by the injection molding machine. The dispensing unit has a separate control that manages ratios of material and color dispersion.

Toyo offers LIM injection molding on all machines ("Si II", "H" and "TT" series).

« MIM Metal Injection Molding  

Now parts (using Powderflow ™) can be produced faster, less expensively and without having organic vapors given off with polymer based materials. Most importantly, processing is comparable to traditional materials (range 180°F). Pellet feedstock materials are available in a wide range of stainless, nickel, and ceramic based materials. After molding parts will go to staged sintering of several hours, ending at around 1300°C, depending on the particular feedstock.


« ST-50discII Injection Molding Machine
ST-50disk II Injection Molding Machine Fully Electric disc Replicator; The ST-50discII incorporates the finest optical disc replication technology available anywhere in the world. Vibration of the machine is one-sixth of our conventional models. With injection speeds of 500mm second and extremely fast clamp, this machine is the chose of CD-DVD manufactures around the world.

« BD-V3-N Die Casting Machine    
BD-V3-N Die Casting MachineToyo die casting machines are available in a wide range of sizes (125 to 850 Tons).

SSS [Super Slow Shot System]: This system allows you to handle a wide range of products, from pressure-tight to thin wall and precision components.

VCS [Vacuum Casting System]:
With the VCS system, a runner pin isolates the cavities and air is then removed to secure a high vacuum. This prevents blow holes and flashing and allows metal to flow into deep recesses of complicated cavities.

HS [Hot Sleeve System]:
this collier, developed by TOYO, maintains the temperature about 400°C. Since the melt is kept hot it flows easily into deep and complicated cavities, ideal for thin-wall precision products.