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Si-II Series Standard Features
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« Injection / Plastication  
  • SRC – II metering system
  • SNF control
  • Closed-loop control for injection speeds, positions and pressures
  • Programmable injection speeds and pressures (2-7 steps of speeds and pressures)
  • Programmable metering system (1-3 steps of speeds and pressures)
  • Holding pressure changeover via position, time, and pressure
  • Slope control for injection speed and pressure
  • Suck-back control (before or after metering)
  • Automatic melt purge
  • Hopper throat temperature control (PID)
  • No-back pressure metering in manual mode
  • Nozzle reciprocating function
  • Injection during high pressure clamping motion
  • Injection unit swiveling mechanism (with nozzle alignment mechanism)
  • Melt run-out detection system
  • SSR control for heaters
  • Heater temperature holding control
  • 5-zone heater temperature control (*2)
  • Purge cover (with interlock)
  • Totally enclosed heater cover
« Clamping / Ejecting
  • Closed-loop control for speed and position in mold opening/closing
  • Closed-loop control for speed and position in ejecting.
  • Multi-step mold opening control (2-5 steps of speeds and pressures)
  • Multi-step mold closing control (3-5 steps of speeds and pressures)
  • Programmable ejector advancing motion (1-3 steps of speeds and pressures)
  • Mold exchanging mode (low pressure, low speed)
  • Automatic clamping force setup system
  • Low pressure mold protection system
  • Mold protection in mold opening and ejecting
  • Ejecting during mold opening (via timer)
  • Movable die plate supported by double rollers
  • Double safety system (mechanical and electrical)
  • Emergency-stop push button on back side
« Control  
  • PLCS-10 microprocessor-aided control (TFT color LCD with touch panel)
  • Graphic display of injection and metering motion
  • Digital setting of all parameters
  • Internal memory for 32 mold setups
  • RS232C interface (1pc.)
  • Printer terminal
  • 100V plug socket for printer (1pc.)
  • Screw cold-start prevention system
  • Fine PID temperature control (with slope ramp up)
  • one week automatic heater on-off calendar
  • Manned-unmanned operation selection
  • Hour meter (operated hours indication)
  • Monitoring function (32 items selected from a total of 75 items including positions, speeds, pressures, times, revolutions)
  • Statistical processing of monitored data (SPC)
  • Monitor graph indication
  • Alarm function (cycle time, up-down tolerance, heater disconnection, thermocouple disconnection, safety door, etc.)
  • Counters
  • Machine starts indication function
  • Production control function (Job completion ratio, Prospective time of job completion, etc,)
  • Self-Diagnosing function
  • Maintenance function (one cycle graph, alarm history, greasing timing indication, communication with servo amplifier)
  • Parameter setting history
« Others  
  • Automatic ball-screw greasing device
  • Chute (Si-200 II or smaller models)
  • Memory card for 128 mold setups
  • Wiring for robot
  • Standard accessories (Mold fixtures, tools, spare grease, hand grease pump)
  • Installation Pads
  1. *Please consult us for the specifications on special screws such as acrylic screw, nylon screw and sub-fight screw.
  2. *Standard band heaters can be used at a maximum temperature of 660°F.
  3. *Please consult us for the local language available.