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Si-II Series Fully Electric Injection Molding Machine
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Si-35 II
Si-55 II
Si-90 II
Si-110 II
Si-150 II
Si-200 II
Si-300 II
Si-400 II
Si-500 II
Si-750 II
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Extraordinary Versatility For Your Molding Requirements

35 Ton thru 750 Ton
« Low Running Cost
The electric servomotor driven machines require much less electricity when compared with hydraulically driven machines.
« High Rigidity Clamping Mechanism
Highly rigid mold clamp mechanismTotal rigidity and strength have been improved with computer analysis of various data.
« Double-Roller Supported Movable Die Plate Double-Roller Supported Movable Die Plate
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To sustain heavy molds, the movable die plate is supported by wide-span double rollers to maintain better accuracy and parallelism.

« Double Nozzle-Touch Mechanism  

In connecting the injection unit and clamping unit, two nozzle-touch ball screws are adopted. It prevents the inclination of the stationary die plate and imbalance of load on tie-bars during mold opening / closing operation. View Image

« Low Noise Power Delivery System Low Noice Power Delivery System
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By adopting a plastic pulley and low noise type timing belt, the noise level has been much reduced. The timing belt also serves as a shock absorber that minimizes the impact to mechanical parts.
« Soft Nozzle-Touch System

The nozzle-touch ball screws slow down just before nozzle-touching to ease the impact to the mold.

« Versatile Injection Molding Machine
• High efficiency, new control system PLCS-10
• Network servo control system
• RASMA-L, High rigidity machine frame
• Highly accurate mold clamping unit
« Rigid and Strong RASMA-L Machine Frame

The RASMA frame was developed by Toyo a few years ago and has show superb vibration-suppressing capability. With its unique design, the newly-developed RASMA-L frame is lighter than the RASMA by approximately one-third without losing the features of the RASMA frame.