CPM offers quality used injection molding equipment, auxiliary lines of dryers, loaders, temperature controlers along with custom manufactured Screws and Barrels. Central Plastic Machinery
Si-II Series Optional Features
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« Injection / Plastication  
  • SRC-III metering system
  • Air-operated check nozzle
  • High speed injection specification
  • Non-standard diameter screw and barrel
  • Wear-resistant screw and barrel
  • Unit-corrosion screw and barrel
  • Special screw (*1)
  • Long nozzle
  • Small diameter long nozzle
  • Separable nozzle
  • High temperature use heater band (up to 842°F)
« Clamping / Ejecting
  • Air ejector (single or dual lines)
  • 3-way valve for air ejector (single or dual lines)
  • Air-driven core system (single)
  • Hydraulic core system (single, independent hydraulic unit)
  • Ejector plate (in mold) returned confirmation
  • Mold temperature indication (dual lines)
  • Mold temperature control (dual lines)
  • T-slotted die plates (for Si-150 II, Si-200 II)
  • Heat insulation plate on die plate
  • Reversible chute
« Control  
  • Flash light (single in red color)
  • Flash light (triple; red, yellow, green)
  • Circuit for unscrewing motor (with socket)
  • 100V plug socket (2 pcs. power source by customer)
  • 100V plug socket (2 pcs. with 10A transformer
  • 200V plug socket (4pcs., 60A)
  • 200V plug socket (4pcs., 30A X 2 lines, with power shut-off function)
  • Interface for vacuum device
  • Valve gate interface
  • Conveyor starting interface
  • Interface for automatic mold clamping device
  • Signal output (4 pcs. of no-voltage contacts)
  • Printer (monochrome)
  • Quality control system (A++
  • Quality control system (network adaptable)
  • Product control system
  • Injection compression device
  • Pre-gate device
  • Holding pressure vibration system
  • Screen display in local language (*3)
  • Transformer for local power source
« Others  
  • Automatic entire greasing system
  • Chute (Si-300 II or larger models)
  • Cooling water piping for mold
  • Cooling water flow gauge
  • Subsidiary steps
  1. *Please consult us for the specifications on special screws such as acrylic screw, nylon screw and sub-fight screw.
  2. *Standard band heaters can be used at a maximum temperature of 660°F.
  3. *Please consult us for the local language available.
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