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PLCS-9 Programmable Logic Control System
Control Panels & Screens
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PLCS-9 Control Screen
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Standard Control System used on the H-Series and TT-Series
  « PLCS-9 Control Screen  
The PLCS-9 control system features a TFT color LCD display through which the operator communicates with the machine. The monitoring system tracks over 87 machine parameters, including set up data storage facility.
  « Graphic Screen  
The screen graphically compares your injection setups with the actual injection speed and pressure. In addition, metering (plasticating), mold opening and closing, and ejection are displayed.
  « Monitor Screen  
The control system constantly monitors all function of the machine, such as injection screwback, mold movement, temperature, etc. Maximum and minimum settings are made on any parameter.
  « Screens for Preventive Maintenance  
Many screens such as the alarm history screen with up to 300 alarms, check screen, one cycle screen and one cycle logic screen are provided for preventive maintenance.
Standard Features Include:  
  • TFT 16 Color LCD Display
  • Closed-Loop Control of Injection Speed, Position and Pressure
  • Changeover Via Position, Time or Pressure
  • Programmable Melt Purge
  • Melt Run-Out Detection System
  • Closed-Loop Control of Clamp and Eject Speed and Position
  • Automatic Clamp Force Setup
  • Low Pressure Mold Protection System
  • Single Page Screen for Setup
  • Self-Diagnosing Function
  • Windows Screen in Screen
  • Enlarge, Reduction and Transfer Screen
  • Graphic Display: Injection Pressure and Speed/Metering
  • Pressure and Speed/Mold and Ejector Movement
  • SPC of Monitored Data
  • Printing of Monitored Data
  • Heater Disconnect Alarm
  • Periodical Checkup Screen
  • Alarm History