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PLCS-11 Programmable Logic Control System
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Totally Integrated Control Panel
All the settings and functions are made on the panel.
« PLCS-11 Control Screen
  • One-touch cursor movement
  • High brightness, 10.4" TFT color LCD
  • Practical Screen Layout
« Totally Integrated Control Panel
  • All the operation switches are incorporated in the control panel
  • Full touch screen panel is adopted for better man-machine interface
  • Control panel can be positioned for perfect visbility of the screen
    and for easier key operation.
  • Designed with a replaceable plastic cover forlong term reliability and
    constant use.
  • Scans every 3 minutes.
« High Speed 32-bit RISC Microcomputer
  • The scanning time is greatly reduced giving greater accuracy at injection
    change over positions and shot to shot repeatability.
  • Improved monitoring accuracy and stabilized cycle time.
View Control Panel & Screens   Standard Features Include:
  • TFT color LCD, full touch panel
  • Digital setting for all the machine parameters
  • Internal memory for 32 mold setups
  • Graphic display of injection and metering motion
  • Monitor graph indication
  • Statistical processing of monitored data (SPC)
  • Manned-unmanned operation selection
  • Hour meter
  • Counters (cycle, lot, initial purge, etc.)
  • Monitoring function (32 items selected from 83 items including positions, speeds, pressures, times, and revolutions)
  • Alarm function (cycle time, up-down tolerance, heater disconnection, thermocouple disconnection, safety door, etc.)
  • Machine status indication (operation mode, mold clamping completion, ejector-retraction completion)
  • Production control function (Job completion ratio, prospective time of job completion, etc.)
  • Maintenance function (one cycle graph, alarm-history)
  • Self diagnosing function
  • Screw-diagnosing function
  • Screw cold-start prevention system
  • Fine PID temperature control (with slope ramp up)
  • PID auto-tuning function
  • One week automatic heater on-off calendar
  • RS-232C interface (1 pc.)
  • Printer terminal
  • 100V plug socket for printer (1pc.)
  • Parameter setting history