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PLCS-10 Programmable Logic Control System
Control Panels & Screens
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The Totally New Integrated Control Panel
« PLCS-10 Control Screen
  • One-touch cursor movement
  • High brightness, 10.4" TFT color LCD
  • Practical Screen Layout
« Totally Integrated Control Panel
All the operation switches are incorporated in the control panel. And a full touch panel sheet is adopted for better man-machine interface. The control panel can be positioned for perfect visibility of the screen and for easier key operation.
« Network Servo Control System
Reliable servo motor control utilizing Local Area Network with high speed data communication LSI.
« High Speed 64-bit RISC Microcomputer
The scanning time is greatly reduced to 200us for each axis. Surprisingly reduced processing time realizes instant execution of command and makes compensation without delay. As a result, the response time is four times quicker.
View Control Panel & Screens   Standard Features Include:
  • TFT 16 Color LCD Display
  • Closed-Loop Control of Injection Speed, Position and Pressure
  • Changeover Via Position, Time or Pressure
  • Programmable Melt Purge
  • Melt Run-Out Detection System
  • Closed-Loop Control of Clamp and Eject Speed and Position
  • Automatic Clamp Force Setup
  • Low Pressure Mold Protection System
  • Single Page Screen for Setup
  • Self-Diagnosing Function
  • Windows Screen in Screen
  • Enlarge, Reduction and Transfer Screen
  • Graphic Display: Injection Pressure and Speed/Metering
  • Pressure and Speed/Mold and Ejector Movement
  • SPC of Monitored Data
  • Printing of Monitored Data
  • Heater Disconnect Alarm
  • Periodical Checkup Screen
  • Alarm History