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Jet Loader System  
VC Jet Loader SystemThe powerful, clean and versatile vacuum loading system that’s designed to meet the molding industry’s toughest requirements

• Powerful pump from 1 hp to 5 hp
• Clean sealed filtration
• Quiet operation 68 decibels
• Highly versatile up to 4 receivers

Model CFM HP 15 ft 30 ft 50 ft 80 ft 100 ft Std Hopper
JL-4V (CV) 98 1.1 840 560 370 200 180 JC-5 or JC-10
JL-5V (CV) 154 2.5 1390 1080 770 550 460 JC-15 or JC-20
JL-6V (CV) 206 4.5 1850 1540 1390 1080 930 JC-20
Conveying Capacity: Lbs/hr estimated with resin weight of 39 Lbs/cu. ft
« Jet Clone Vacuum Hopper Jet Clone Vacuum Hopper

The jet clone is used to load material hoppers and is available in 5-liter, 10-liter and 20-liter capacity. Construction of stainless steel and aluminum.

« Mini Vacuum Hopper (2L Option) Mini Vacuum Hopper 2L Option

The MVH-2 is a 2-liter “one-shot” hopper designed to mount on the machine feed throat. Recommended for shots less than 1 pound and for machines under 250 tons. Construction of stainless steel.

« Mini Vacuum Hopper (10L Option) Mini Vacuum Hopper 10L Option

The MVH-10 is a 10-liter “one Shot” hopper designed to mount on the machine feed throat. Recommended for shots over 1 pound and machines over 250 tons. Construction of stainless steel.

« Aero-Power Hopper (Option) Aero-Power Hopper (Option)

The APH-3 is designed to remove dust or mixing resins at the machine feed throat, by floating the resin for 20 to 40 Seconds.

Reduce contamination products by removing foreign materials and dust from the system. CD-ROM molder test shows a 2 to 3% average monthly yield increases.

« Cyclone Separator (VC Option) Cyclone Separator (VC Option)

The Cyclone Separator removes dust and fines from the air stream. Particles are collected in a container which is easily cleaned. This separator is ideal for use with regrind or reprocessed resins.

« Jet Selector (Option) Jet Selector (Option)

The JSV Selector offers exceptional performance in proportional blending and air conveying of dissimilar materials through a timed selection sequence.

« Multi-Port Valve (Option) Multi-Port Valve (Option)

The Multi-Port Valve allows one Jet Loader to do the work of up to 4. Switching on demand, vacuum is sequenced between mutable vacuum hoppers of any combination.