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H2-Series Hydraulic Toggle Injection Molding Machine
Standard Features | Optional Features
• TM-110 H2
• TM-150 H2
• TM-200 H2
• TM-245 H2
• TM-300 H2
• TM-400 H2
• TM-500 H2
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Advanced, Precision Molding and Fast Cycles at Lower Operation Costs

110 Ton thru 500 Ton
« Wide Variety of Screws
Toyo has developed a wide variety of specially designed screws. The barrel units of the H2 Series are ideal for melt flow, temperature stability and heat capacity, insuring better plasticing.
Screw type Application
Sub-flight High mixing performance, uniform melt temperature
Mixing High mixing performance, uniform coloring
Low compression For resin with high viscosity
High compression For resin with low viscosity
« The Lubrication-Free Toggle Mechanism

Lubrication-Free Toggle Mechanism for the H-Series Injection Molding MachineThe lubrication-free toggle mechanism eliminates the need for daily greasing and the possibility of products being stained by excess grease. (U.S. PAT. No.4773845)

« Double Nozzle Pull-In Cylinders and Double Supporting Rollers

To handle heavy molds, the movable die plate is supported by double rollers, and the nozzle is sealed by two cylinders to maintain precision alignment.

« Soft Feedback System

Injection speeds and pressures are fed back to the PLCS-11 control and any variations between actual and setup values are corrected. Initial speeds and pressures are based on calibration (Electro-Hydraulic auto adjustment) settings, so deviations are held to a minimum.

« Double Oil Temperature Management System

Combining a hydraulic fluid pre-heat system and a hydraulic fluid temperature control system, the hydraulic fluid temperature control system, the hydraulic fluid temperature is quickly brought up to the preset level and is kept constant.

Hydraulic Temperature Control
« Oil Cleaner
The H-Series Oil Cleaner

The H-Series is equipped with an
oil cleaner, eliminating fine particles.