CPM offers quality used injection molding equipment, auxiliary lines of dryers, loaders, temperature controlers along with custom manufactured Screws and Barrels. Central Plastic Machinery
H-Series Standard Features
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« Injection  
  • Open nozzle
  • High/Low Screw torque (TM-200H and up)
  • Screw cold start prevention
  • Programmable automatic melt purging
  • Sprue break
  • Melt decompression
  • Hopper throat temperature control
  • Hopper swiveling mechanism
  • Soft feedback control on injection speed, injection pressure, and back pressure
  • Holding pressure changeover via stroke, time, and hydraulic cylinder pressure
  • FF Control for metering completion
  • Slope control of speed and pressure
  • PID control for barrel temperature
  • Barrel temperature setting at 1.0° F intervals
  • Barrel temperature slope start-up control
  • 5-zone barrel temperature control (Ti-90H and up)
  • Proportional period setting for each heater zone
  • Digital display for injection pressures, back pressures, screw revolutions, screw positions and barrel temperatures
  • Purge cover
« Clamping  
  • Lubrication-free toggle mechanism
  • Double roller support for movable die plate (Ti-90H and up)
  • High cycle toggle mechanism (TM-150H, 200H, 245H)
  • Automatic clamping force setup system
  • Digital Display for mold open/close speeds, positions and pressures Slope control for mold opening and closing
  • Electric motor-driven mold height adjusting mechanism
  • Monitoring for clamping force upper limit
  • Holding at ejector advanced position
  • Mechanical stopper on clamping cylinder (TM-100H – TM-300H)
  • Low Pressure mold protection (slope control)
  • Tapping for robot mounting
  • Triple safety interlock (electric, hydraulic, mechanical)
  • Chute (Ti-35H ~ TM-200H)
  • Programmable for mold open/close movement
  • Tapping for heat insulation board mounting (Ti-35 ~ TM245H)
  • Tapping for ejector rod connection
  • Ratchet type safety bar
« Hydraulic  
  • Variable pump system (Ti-35H ~ TM-245H)
  • Hydraulic fluid temperature control
  • Hydraulic fluid preheat system
  • Oil cleaner
  • Oil level alarm
  • Oil cleaner clogging alarm
  • Glycerin-enclosed type pressure gauge
« Control  
« Molding Assistance
  • Graphic display of injection pressure and speed
  • Graphic display of metering pressure and speed
  • Graphic display of mold movement
  • Graphic display of ejector movement
  • Wave overlapping in graphics
  • Graphics in window screen
  • Automatic scale setting in graphics
  • Monitored value indication between cross hairs
  • Parameter setting history
  • Process troubleshooting guide
« Monitoring
  • Heater power ON/OFF indication
  • Heater disconnection alarm
  • Barrel temperature high/low limit alarm
  • Abnormal alarm buzzer
  • Error message
  • Eighty-seven (87) monitoring parameters
  • Statistical processing of monitored data (SPC)
  • Monitored data indication on screen
  • Printing of monitored data
  • Automatic setting of max./min. value by range setting in SPC
  • Automatic setting of max./min value due to setting value
« Production Control  
  • Production lot number counter
  • Divided lot number counter
  • Continuous defect counter
  • Start reject counter
  • Record number counter
  • In-spec product counter
  • Expected time of production completion
  • Production ratio indication
  • Defect ratio indication
  • On-time ratio indication
  • Production progress indication
  • Delivery control function
  • Interface for machines-in-group control
« Maintenance  
  • One cycle graph
  • One cycle logic graph
  • Periodical checkup screen
  • Greasing timing indication
  • Alarm history
  • Alarm compiling function
  • Printing out of alarm history
« Other  
  • Mold fittings
  • Hopper
  • Installation rubber pad