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Matsui Air Transfer Loading System

The ATLAS Air Transfer Loading System is the perfect alternative to large over-powered vacuum systems. When material usage is small, loading distances are short or floor space is tight.

• Material is conveyed using your compressed air supply.
• Small inventory and modular design make cleaning a “snap”.
• Heavy duty cast aluminum and stainless steel construction.
• Load virgin resin or virgin and regrind without “layering”.

« ATLAS Specifications
Distance Airflow Pressure Average Capacity
15 FT 12 CFM 85 PSI 450 LBS/HR
30 FT 12 CFM 85 PSI 245 LBS/HR
60 FT 12 CFM 85 PSI 75 LBS/HR
90 FT 12 CFM 85 PSI 50 LBS/HR
« ATLAS Loading System  
Model  Description
Atlas-1 Resin to Hopper
Atlas-2 Resin to Machine Feed Throat
Atlas-R1 Virgin / Regrind to Hopper
Atlas-R2 Virgin / Regrind to Machine Feed Throat
Atlas-C1 Resin to Hopper & Machine Feed Throat
Atlas-C2 Resin to Hopper & 2 Machines Feed Throat
« Options:    
  • Remote Filter
  • Line Purge
  • Alarm Light
  • Vacuum Box for Wand
  • 2 Port Box for Wand
  • Vacuum Box for Hose
  • 2 Port Box for Hose
  • V-Box Adapter Cap
  • Hardened Swirl Collar
Conveying Alarm Light for the Air Transfer Loading System Remote Filter for the Air Transfer Loading System
Alarm Light Remote Filter